A Sustainable Model for Connecting Men with Jesus and Each Other


As men go, so goes our communities and churches.

  • When a child receives Christ, there is a 3.5% chance the rest of the family will follow.
  • When a mother receives Christ, there is a 17% chance the rest of the family will follow.
  • When a father receives Christ, there is a 90% chance the rest of the family will follow.

Wingman Nation On-Ramps: Start Your Wingman Squad Today!

The church-based approach to Wingman Nation is for a specific local church to develop and maintain a regularly scheduled Wingman Nation Bible study, fellowship and accountability for the men of that local church and its guests.

The key leadership comes primarily from that church’s men. They follow the Wingman Nation Launch Kit to begin and develop the men’s ministry. This model requires pastoral authorization and communication along with the core leadership team. Having a theme and a goal helps to rally the men within a church. With less than 10% of churches having a men’s ministry, the opportunities to begin Wingman Church-Based chapters is enormous. Often it begins with a pastor or a dedicated layman or a few laymen who are passionate about reaching and disciplining men. These men understand that when you reach the man, you eternally impact that man’s family.

The Community-Based model of Wingman Nation involves a group of Christian men from various churches who desire to build a men’s ministry pulling from multiple churches and from those with no church affiliation.

The core leadership group organizes the gathering into a Wingman Nation chapter. This group could meet in a variety of places including, but not limited to, an office, restaurant, someone’s home, etc. They follow the Wingman Nation template, just not associated with one particular local church. The Community-Based on ramp must adhere to the Wingman Nation guidelines for launching and maintaining a vibrant men’s ministry that encourages local church involvement and commitment. It is vital that the location and time of a community-based branch be consistent.

This On Ramp involves women who are the wives of wingmen, are engaged to a wingman, or women who desire for their man to become a wingman.

This allows for a women’s gathering, a 31 Day Devotional with specific actions of the wife to her wingman, encouraging women to encourage their wingmen to live the goals of a wingman, and involving women in the church to pray for the men in the church.

This can work with the church-based and community-based on ramp. Involving women will be a key element in moving forward. I know of no men’s ministry that also includes the wife component or that incorporates the wife-side of a church’s men’s ministry. The Wives of Wingmen 31-Day Devotional, 31 Days and 31 Ways To Encourage Your Wingman, offers specific biblical and practical advice on how a wife can encourage her husband toward spiritual health and growth.

What Is Wingman?

The Wingman Men’s Ministry is based around the Air Force concept of a “Wingman.” It uses the fighter jet theme and parallels of the duties of a “Wingman” in the Air Force, his commitment to his pilot and flight team, that are related to the men of your church and their commitment to God in their life, their families, and their Christian brothers.

As a unique program to excite and ignite the men in your church, Wingman Men’s Ministry is not a specific Bible Study. Any form or study can be used in conjunction with the Wingman Men’s Ministry structure. This concept will allow the men of your church to connect together in a more relaxed social setting, allowing them to get to know other men on a manly level, allowing them to identify with the needs, struggles, hurts, habits and issues of other men while enjoying food and time together and learning to be “The man God wants them to be.”

The men of your church will relate to this theme and concept in a huge way!

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